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DC SPORTS AGENCY believes that "It takes a village to raise a child" and with our community behind us, we can achieve greatness and mold our youth into the leaders of tomorrow. CAMP CHATCHOU is our resource to empower children  and athletes, worldwide. by giving back through FREE basketball camps, clinics and community outreach. 


Our mission is to give hope, to at-risk children, in different communities, nationwide.

Growing up in poverty, with innumerable economic challenges, we made it our personal mission to help children, just like us, find their way out of such conditions.  


In order to do some of God’s work, we help provide opportunities to children, in Africa.


We began “CAMP CHATCHOU AFRICA” a nonprofit organization 501 (c)(3) for at-risk youth, in Cameroon. in 2014. We are dedicated to aiding, mentoring and creating opportunities for the young boys and girls who are exposed to tough upbringings, rough socioeconomic conditions and the multitude of other challenging circumstances. 


The goal of CAMP CHATCHOU AFRICA is to reach out to the community and to provide opportunities for kids to become aware of their abilities and let them know that they, themselves, can be the future leaders of our society. These are lessons that can be taught through the sport of basketball, as well as education.



The strength and perseverance seen in young boys and girls is inspiring, leading us to not only hold this camp for the fifth straight year, but to open the camp up to an additional 100 children, bringing our total number of camper participants to 200. 


THIS is where we need YOUR help. 


OUR GOAL is to raise $30,000.


We have already pledged to use $5,000 out of our own pocket to get started, but with how much we strive to give to these kids, just $5,000 won’t be enough. 

Each year, we take CAMP CHATCHOU AFRICA AND DC SPORTS BASKETBALL ACADEMY students/participants and coaches to the local movie theater for a “movie night”. We also have a “reading day”, where we teach the campers and academy students basic English words and expressions. We have a "Haircut Day”, where we bring in local barbers to give free haircuts to the campers and coaches. Lastly, we have an All-Star Game and award ceremony on the final day of the camp. 


All proceeds will go to operation costs as well as the following:

⁃ 3 Meals Per Day for All Campers

- Water and Electrolyte Beverages

⁃ 200 Backpacks

⁃ 200 Basketball Uniforms

⁃ 200 Basketballs

- 200 pair of shoes

- 200 Pair of Socks

⁃ 70 Training Cones

⁃ 10 Basketball Nets

⁃ 10 Coaching Boards

⁃ Movie Night Admission and Snacks

⁃ Books, to Promote Learning

⁃ Haircuts, to Promote a Positive Self Image 

- The renovation of our basketball court.


We will be flying to Cameroon with two American coaches and several volunteers to help support as instructors, in addition to a guest Speaker to present at camp. We will share our life experiences, our journeys to success, and why it is imperative to be dedicated to our education and take advantage of every opportunity that is so often presented to us. 


In order to accomplish these ambitious goals, we need your help in donations. Each donation goes to helping these children recognize their potentials and to having a unique camp experience. We value the connections you may have, to help with sponsoring and donating to our camp and academy.


The level of excitement and hope seen in these children’s eyes, and their eagerness to learn, is unmatched to anything we have ever seen. Please, help us to improve and continue to grow.


Thank you in advance and let’s make this dream come true.

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